Learning the Basics of iForex

Contrary to what the uninitiated believe, iForex is not part of the Apple line of products. Although it may appear that way because of its name, the company is actually an online and internet based organization composed of groups of forex trading companies gathered all at one place. The “i” does not mean Apple, but “Internet”, simply because it is an internet based platform. The beauty of this organization is that it can facilitate currency trade internationally with only a few clicks. All one needs to do is to set up an account and register it at the iForex website.

All the Benefits of iForex

Registered users can log in and enjoy currency updates round the clock. The trading floor is also open 24 hours, so you can trade even while you’re on the go or after you’ve come home for a long day. This is one big advantage since traditional trading platforms only worked during office hours. With this tool, you can even use vetted systems along with 24/7 support from expert help desk agents.

Trying FXCM and XTRADE

There’s also a bit of fun side when using iForex. If you’ve tried using FXCM or XTRADE, you will know that there are cut and dried tools that are used by the industry’s best in order to achieve their trading objectives. With iForex however, members can bet with one another on which currency will rise or fall. This is not part of the actual trading floor, but can be done to promote interaction and a little spirit of fun among members.

Types of iForex Accounts

Another advantage of iForex accounts is that there are different account types to suit a member’s personality, lifestyle,and level of experience. New members are of course expected to be on the cautious side so they can open a new account with a small investment of $100. This investment already allows them to invest on attractive spreads involving currency matches. They are entitled to maximum return rates. For example, with $100 they can trade with $40,000.

Experienced traders on the other hand, are better off with the premium account. This type of account starts with an investment of $2,000 and allows them to invest on tight spreads and a larger selection of currency pairs. There are different ways to trade, invest and earn money from iForex. One of the distinct advantages is being able to do it online, from the comfort of your home and at the rate you want.

You can remain anonymous while trading at iForex. This is because some newbie traders don’t want other people to know that they are investing in foreign currencies. Others would like to be discreet on where they invest their money, so they do the trading online. This way, whatever they make can be withdrawn directly to a savings or a bank account, reinvested, or kept as a buffer fund for future investments.

Choose the type of account that suits you best.

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