Mobile Trading

Mobile trading delivers great features for investors on the move. Most online brokers have developed customized apps for iPhone, iPad and Android as well as browser-based trading for Blackberry and other internet-enabled phones.

Common Features of Mobile Platforms:

Robust Trading Capabilities
Trade entry is quick and easy, with a full range of single and advanced order types, including market, stop, limit and contingent orders.
Real-time News and Commentary
Mobile trading makes it is easy to keep up-to-date with live market headlines, commentary and analysis. Investors can monitor daily and weekly research reports, and economic data with various educational tools.
Charting Tools
Traders can choose from multiple time frames and chart types, and analyse market trends with a wide selection of popular indicators.

Advantages of Mobile Trading
The ability to access the market at any time has numeorus advantages:

  • You will always have immediate access to the latest information in a quick and convenient manner.
  • Mobile trading solutions make it much easier to monitor your trades and carry out basic quote checking.
  • You can open a trade simply by copying the position from a reliable forex signals service using your mobile app.
  • When travelling without a computer a mobile trading platform is the perfect solution for trading and analysis.
  • The mobile trading app will allow you to exit a trade at a better price as you will have more regular access to the market.
  • The mobile trading app gives the option to be connected 24/7 to your trading account.