XTrade Europe Offers Top Forex Platform for EU Citizens

Nowadays, online currency trading is unbelievably popular. Traders across the globe are learning to take advantage of the opportunities that forex trading gives them to make money on their own terms. This trend is expected to only continue. According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2016, an average of over $5 trillion of global currency trading takes places every day.

XTrade is one of the largest and most reputable forex brokers across the globe. Now, XTrade Europe is gaining popularity in the EU as European traders are becoming aware of the possibilities offered by forex trading. Unique marketing efforts like XTrade’s marketing agreement with Ronaldo – a star soccer player from Real Madrid – have increased awareness of the broker in the EU and have allowed XTrade to become one of the most influential brokers in the European continent.

How Forex Works

While you may have heard the term forex, online currency exchanges, or the foreign exchange market, you may not know what it refers to. The forex industry is a trading system based on trading different foreign currencies. By buying and selling currencies, one can make money as the value of the currency changes. XTrade Europe is just one of the many brokers that offer services to traders looking to get involved in the forex industry.

The principal behind forex trading is to understand when a currency will change value and to subsequently take advantage of that change. For example, political events and natural disasters can have a significant influence on a country’s economy and currency. If traders are able to foresee a change in that currency’s value, they can capitalize on it and make money.

Why XTrade Europe?

XTrade is exceedingly popular for a number of reasons. It is a trusted broker with regulated entities in Cyprus, Belize, and Australia. The broker has recently expanded to South Africa, adding another quality market to its portfolio.

The existence of the Cyprus arm means that XTrade is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This subsequently means that consumers are protected under the EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), making XTrade one of the most trusted brokers on the continent.

Besides its regulated entities, XTrade Europe offers its traders extreme value and a quality platform to help them make quality trades. On top of all of this, it runs a web portal called XTrade Academy with the goal of educating traders. This is an invaluable resource to beginner traders and those looking to gain quality tips on how to successfully trade forex online.

One of the best parts of trading forex is that you can do it from any place where you have an internet connection. That means you don’t have to be stuck in an office or at your desk. You can trade from wherever is most comfortable to you.

Overall, trading forex is a great way to make a little extra money. If you take the time to learn how the industry works and how to best use your money, then you can succeed in this increasingly popular industry.

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